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All that is the species and world of Mirromy. This wiki (will) include information on a range of subjects including biology, history, personalities, predators, and other creatures and plants that inhabit the world they call home, Irrim. (Please look in categories for more useful topics.)

Mirromy are a gentle race of amphibious creatures habitating the planet of Irrim . There are 10 types of Mirromy . 8 variations and two subspecies. Each of them dwell in various environments from the deep sea to the coastal cliffs.

Most Mirromy are very social and live in small groups of 10-30 tight knit individuals. Sharing the responsibilities evenly among individuals. Modern Mirromy use little technology to make life easier, though they do use tools and basic machinery. 

Irrim wallpaper

Irrim and two if it's three moons.

The 10 Types of Mirromy differ in general size and shape, however a few features remain among each of them. Key features are gill ears, two antennna, a peritial eye gem (at least one), tendrils on their hips that reside above their sex, and long tails that store water.

Height chart

Line up of Mirromy Types based on height

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